it has suddenly been awhile since i’ve posted. i have been knitting, but this month has been incredibly hectic. i was also on ‘vacation’ for a week…with very limited internet access.

while i was in montana visiting my extended family on my mother’s side, my 14 year old cousin passed away. that’s why it’s ‘vacation’, not vacation. the last week and a half have been incredibly difficult.

but i’ve still been knitting. while i was there all i had to work on was my feather & fan lace scarf.

this picture is from a few days before the trip when i had first started. i haven’t taken another picture yet, but i’ve finished one skein of andean treasure in the orange color and another in a heathered grey. originally i was only going to do it in those colors, but since the gauge is small, i’m adding in some andean treasure in lavender as well. but now that i’m back, that’s on hold for other things.

as soon as i saw knucks on the new knitty, i knew i had to make some for james, even if they are without the embroidery. he had requested gloves like that quite some time ago and i never got around to looking for a good pattern but this is perfect!

i had yarn waiting for me at ups, but i couldn’t get it over the weekend, so i decided to go to the yarn store and start on the knucks. i was good and only bought the yarn and needles i needed for that. i am almost done with the first one!

and on monday i went to ups and got my halcyon yarn order, which contained big kureyon and some fuzzy mohair called fusion for my shrug from interweave. i cast that on monday when i got home from work. working with giant size 15 dpns was…difficult…at first, but it got a bit better. now i’m onto straights so it’s going easier.

i am also on the search for yarn for my mom’s clapotis that i’m going to make her for xmas. i am hoping to bring that along to europe to work on during my travels.