clapotis is going well. i dropped the 8th stitch today and will hopefully get to the ninth tonight. i’m over halfway done. i’m still enjoying it, but last night i got the bug. in between knitting rows i rifled through my pattern files, and explored more patterns online. i ended up purchasing the somewhat cowl from knit and tonic at some ungodly hour of the morning and i think that is going to be my next big project. i still plan on another clapotis but obviously one would need a break in between. i think i might actually stick with the yarn used in the pattern too, because it is a blend of two of my favorite fibers: alpaca and silk (50/50). they use blue sky alpaca silk and it comes in lots of beautiful colors, which of course i can’t decide between. this will be my first sweater!

however, before the somewhat cowl begins, i really would like to knit the madeira lace scarf. obviously there is no way in hell that i can afford even one tiny ball of qiviut, but, after much consideration, i think i am going to use those two skeins of burnt orange knit picks andean treasure that i bought. about a month ago i started up the madeira lace pattern with this norwegian wool i got from the lys in alameda, but i didn’t like how it was coming out…i realized i want something slightly fuzzy. the alpaca should do well for that. the yarn weight is a bit heavier (sport as opposed to laceweight) so i’ll used some bigger needles and less repeats. i should be pretty for fall. and if it comes out really nice i’ll get some more andean treasure and maybe knit a few up for xmas time.

more updates await (about the TWO yarn stores i visited today…out of boredom…and i didn’t even buy anything!) but my friend is here with his new (used) car and we’re going for a ride. wheee!