June 2006

on saturday afternoon i finished clapotis!

i haven’t taken any pictures yet though and i would right now but i decided i want daylight to be involved.

anyway it took exactly three weeks. and it is beautiful.

now i am trying to make amy’s other slipper. next i think is a lace scarf to use some burnt orange alpaca yarn in my stash.

and i am still trying to decide on yarn for the somewhat cowl. more updates soon.


clapotis is going well. i dropped the 8th stitch today and will hopefully get to the ninth tonight. i’m over halfway done. i’m still enjoying it, but last night i got the bug. in between knitting rows i rifled through my pattern files, and explored more patterns online. i ended up purchasing the somewhat cowl from knit and tonic at some ungodly hour of the morning and i think that is going to be my next big project. i still plan on another clapotis but obviously one would need a break in between. i think i might actually stick with the yarn used in the pattern too, because it is a blend of two of my favorite fibers: alpaca and silk (50/50). they use blue sky alpaca silk and it comes in lots of beautiful colors, which of course i can’t decide between. this will be my first sweater!

however, before the somewhat cowl begins, i really would like to knit the madeira lace scarf. obviously there is no way in hell that i can afford even one tiny ball of qiviut, but, after much consideration, i think i am going to use those two skeins of burnt orange knit picks andean treasure that i bought. about a month ago i started up the madeira lace pattern with this norwegian wool i got from the lys in alameda, but i didn’t like how it was coming out…i realized i want something slightly fuzzy. the alpaca should do well for that. the yarn weight is a bit heavier (sport as opposed to laceweight) so i’ll used some bigger needles and less repeats. i should be pretty for fall. and if it comes out really nice i’ll get some more andean treasure and maybe knit a few up for xmas time.

more updates await (about the TWO yarn stores i visited today…out of boredom…and i didn’t even buy anything!) but my friend is here with his new (used) car and we’re going for a ride. wheee!

started: saturday, may 27, 2006
as soon as i finished those slippers for james’ mom of course i had to start clapotis. i was so excited that i started it on the car ride from alameda to sf to james’ graduation with his parents. usually i can’t knit in the car (because i’m driving) but i took advantage of the break. and the 3 hour long ceremony.

i did one less increase repeat than the pattern called for. i think it will be a good width. and i was also slightly concerned about not having quite enough yarn, because my skeins (misti cotton) have slightly less yardage than the lion and lamb that the pattern calls for.

dropping the stitches is fun; even james gets excited when it’s time for that. i’ve almost completed 5 of the 13 straight row repeats.
if i had to set a goal for myself, it would be to finish before my trip to montana in july. at the rate i’m going, that is easily achievable.
it is also my goal to work on this, and ONLY this (with the exception of amy’s other slipper, especially since she found buttons) until it is done! we’ll see if it can keep my attention.