i finished one of two slippers for james’ mom last night, and started the heel of the second this evening. today i went shopping for the buttons, and i got these ridiculously cute little pink mouse buttons from imagiknit. i am really proud of myself. i went there with the intention of buying buttons, and that is all i bought. this is especially amazing considering they were having their annual yarn sale! it was difficult, i tell you, but i managed. i just kept thinking of my wips or the projects i’m about to start (like clapotis!) which somehow convinced me that i didn’t need random beautiful yarn for unplanned projects.

i am really excited about starting clapotis as soon as my yarn from WEBS arrives. and even though i thought i had finally decided on making this chevron stripey scarf with my silk garden lite, i am now considering buying three more skeins of the same colorway to make a second one (after i finish the first, of course). i saw someone else’s completed clapotis in regular silk garden, and it looked a little bulky, so i think SG lite will look amazing. the stitch pattern is simple enough to show off the colors really well, but it will still look interesting.

i als finished the sleeves on short ‘n sweet today. that means all that is left is the border. i have a little yarn left, but not enough for all three rows of the border (at least i don’t think i do), so i think i will crochet what i can and see how far it gets me. i have been considering adding a row or two of some other random yarn in a teal or something for contrast, but i’m not sure if i want to do that…like james said, it will limit what i can wear it with. we’ll see. that also has to be done by this weekend so i can sport it at james’ graduation!