now that i have been graduated for a week and done with a school for a few days longer, i have been knitting/crocheting all over the place. i frogged the stash buster cardigan from crochetme that i had started a few months ago to use the yarn to make this pretty lacy shrug thing from the snb happy hooker. i had meant to finish before my graduation to wear it with the dress i bought, but i ran out of time on the sleeves. i’m going to finish it before this upcoming saturday though, and wear the shrug and dress to james’ graduation! i’ll take a picture when it’s done.

speaking of pictures, i’m really happy because i found my fucking camera charger. i couldn’t take any pics for over a month because i lost it. and guess where it was? buried with my yarn stash. which i ORGANIZED the other day…

i put things in ziploc bags and made labels and rediscovered all kinds of random stuff that i sort of forgot i had. then for some reason, even though i was excited about all the random yarn, i bought three skeins of sport weight baby soft lion brand baby soft (visible in the photo-teal, pink and white w/ specks) for no particular reason other than i liked the colors, and ordered three skeins of misti cotton (in a really pretty copper) with which i will be making a clapotis at some point this summer. oh yeah, and one skein of plymouth encore in pretty teal to make plain janes for james’ mom for her bday/mothers day. i have to finish those by this weekend also when she’s here for james’ graduation. he said she would really like them.

other things…i’ve started like 3 different patterns with my silk garden lite…i am now working on this neck scarf thing from fiber trends. we’ll see how it turns out, or how long i go before i frog it. i don’t know why i am so completely indecisive about making things with this yarn. somehow nothing seems good enough. i could buy more to make a clapotis but it’s noro and i’m poor. but maybe in the end, that’s what i should do. that pattern is basically exactly what i want for it.

oh, last wip is the leg warmers from one skein that i finally got to start. this first pair is being made in knitpicks andean treasure in a pretty purple/lavender. it is so amazingly soft, especially when knitted up. i figured out the lace at the beginning. the first of the pair is allllmost done.

i’d better get knitting if i have two projects i have to finish by saturday!

p.s. knitting all the time and not worrying about school is pretty much the best feeling ever.