i have been too lazy to bust out my camera, but i’ve been very productive in the past week.

finished the plain janes for james’ mom just in time for his parent’s visit for his graduation. i should have at least taken a picture of the buttons. they were tiny pink MICE! there is a funny story about mice attached to that. anyway she seemed to really like them! they were done in plymouth encore, in a teal-blue color.
started: sunday, may 21
finished: friday, may 27

i also finished one of two legwarmers from one skein. i’ll take a pic of that soon, and someday get around to making the other. this was a nice project for breaks at work because it was mostly plain stockinette in the round on the dpns. it is purple alpaca from knitpicks. SO SOFT.
started: sunday, may 14
finished: friday, may 27

the best part of this update: i started my first clapotis! i got my beautiful misti cotton from WEBS the other day and immediately wound one of the skeins into a ball. i started it on saturday on the way to and at james’ graduation. i knitted through the whole 3 hour long ceremony as well as on car rides. tonight while in berkeley i just finished the increase section and started the straight rows. only a few away from the first drop stitch. will defnitely take a picture when we get to that. i left out one increase section…i think it will be plenty wide enough without, and i was slightly worried about not having quite enough yarn. so pictures of that soon.
started: saturday, may 28

i am also already plotting a second clapotis (ridiculous, yes). i have been waffling all over the place trying to decide what to do with those two skeins of silk garden lite that i bought awhile ago. i have started knitting one into various scarfs and shawls already. but i think i have decided that they really are meant for a clapotis. it will look so gorgeous. so when i have gotten a bit farther on my current one, i will buy three more skeins of the silk garden lite. i guess i might be really sick of it by the time i am finished with the misti cotton one (as some knitters seem to be). but i could always just take a bit of a break. i joined a yahoo! group about knitting clapotis’ and some people have made three! and anyway, i’m going to need something to occupy me for at least some of my europe trip. though i don’t know if i can carry two months worth of knitting for plane rides and trains in my luggage.
ok back to clapotis. i want to drop that first stich TONIGHT!