i have been doing a fair amount of knitting though i have been trying to restrain myself in the efforts of finishing my work up this semester. just about 2 more weeks and all that will be done and i can knit to my heart’s content!

yesterday i just finished a panta. i will be posting a picture of that very soon.

i’m also making amy a pair of the plain janes because she is so in love with them.

i have been in LA since thursday night staying with keith for the PSA conference and since i am just chillin (and i was really productive for school last week) i spent all yesterday knitting while he had to work. today we are leaving to drive north and i get to knit in the car while he is driving. after all, i get carsick if i try and read, so homework is out of the question.
we might go to hearst castle which would be soooooooo cool.

when i can’t justify actually knitting i have been trying to pick out my yarn to make this beautiful shrug that is a free online pattern from interweave knits (too lazy to link anything right now). they use some different stuff but i think i am going to use noro big kureyon (first time i’ll use noro) and possibly this mohair blend called orient express that is discontinued but is still available some places online. i want to go look at the colors in real life though so i might choose some other mohair blend in place of it. the best thing is that i got $75 between my mom and grandmother for my birthday on thursday so i can totally justify the noro purchase. it’s going to be so yummy.