i finished james’ beanie before work today, but as i feared, it is too small. it fits his little sister (who is here visiting), which is good, and i also have plenty of yarn left over to make another, but still. stupid london beanie pattern is only good for those with tiny heads, apparently.

also i am having trouble starting the leg warmers from one skein. they start out with lace on the top. so i started trying to practice the lace (as i have never knit lace before) but i’m not sure if i am doing it right. it says the stitch pattern is in multiples of five, but if this is so then why would the pattern repeat take more stitches? unless i am doing it wrong? i thought i had yarn overs fucked up but from what i can find online it looks like i am doing it right. i just wish i had an even number of stitches at the end. i am so confused.