i finished the plain jane slippers!

don’t forget the delicate penguin detailing…

my friend liked them so much while i was working on them that she requested a pair “in the same yarn but greener”. i had to go to imagiknit to get the yarn for james’ hat so i looked at the cascade quatro and-voila!-i found greener quatro. so now that mine are done i get to make another pair. they are pretty fun to make, and quick.

so i got some karabella aurora 8 and melange for james’ hat (100% merino wool) and started that last night after i finished the slippers.

it will be a quick project.

and it’s not my first hat either. i finished dina’s luxe hat on monday night. i will post pictures of that soon after i block it and i am not having a bad hair day. it turned out super cute though!

hopeful upcoming projects (for me):
1. leg warmers in all that knit picks andean treasure i got (purple and orange)
2. cleaves from knitty. i am still trying to decide on a color.