today both my knit picks AND orders came!!!

there is knit picks’ andean treasure in three colors (lilac, mystery, and sunset), some split ring stitch markers, a set of US7 dpns, a US7 16″ circulars, and a hat pattern.
i’ll be using at least some of the andean treasure (but possibly all…) and the dpns to make the leg warmers from one skein, and the circulars i need for the hat pattern, for which i’ll be using classic elite miracle (color 3304, a light aqua blue).

i have been really anxious for this stuff to come and going crazy without something to knit since sunday when i finished the scarf that i bought some US6 dpns last night at beverly’s and started the plain jane slippers with some stash yarn! i got as far as the heel by this morning:

also while i was taking pictures of random knitting stuff i thought i’d show off my new yarn bag. i bought it last thursday when my friend and i took a trip to the fairly new h&m in san francisco. i love it so much!

i have this outline that i HAVE to write by tomorrow for my psa presentation in a few weeks but knitting is so much better than that. and now i have so many new projects to work on!