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i finally finished kenny’s penguin illusion scarf! i gave it to him when he came into starbucks and he was pretty ecstatic. also, this is my first official completed knitting project.
click on the picture for more angles.

to create this scarf i just directly modified the pattern for the alien illusion scarfin the first SnB. i made a penguin shape instead of the alien head and labeled the chart exactly the same. i knew all i needed were knits and purls and i didn’t understand what was going to happen at first (seeing as how i had only made a few swatches to teach myself knits and purls) but it came pretty quickly. and watching a penguin illusion emerge instead of a plain ol’ garter is quite exciting.
i used plymouth encore in colors 217 (black) and 137 (pink). it used just under a skein of each. next up is the matching ipod case (maybe).