March 2006

today both my knit picks AND orders came!!!

there is knit picks’ andean treasure in three colors (lilac, mystery, and sunset), some split ring stitch markers, a set of US7 dpns, a US7 16″ circulars, and a hat pattern.
i’ll be using at least some of the andean treasure (but possibly all…) and the dpns to make the leg warmers from one skein, and the circulars i need for the hat pattern, for which i’ll be using classic elite miracle (color 3304, a light aqua blue).

i have been really anxious for this stuff to come and going crazy without something to knit since sunday when i finished the scarf that i bought some US6 dpns last night at beverly’s and started the plain jane slippers with some stash yarn! i got as far as the heel by this morning:

also while i was taking pictures of random knitting stuff i thought i’d show off my new yarn bag. i bought it last thursday when my friend and i took a trip to the fairly new h&m in san francisco. i love it so much!

i have this outline that i HAVE to write by tomorrow for my psa presentation in a few weeks but knitting is so much better than that. and now i have so many new projects to work on!


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i finally finished kenny’s penguin illusion scarf! i gave it to him when he came into starbucks and he was pretty ecstatic. also, this is my first official completed knitting project.
click on the picture for more angles.

to create this scarf i just directly modified the pattern for the alien illusion scarfin the first SnB. i made a penguin shape instead of the alien head and labeled the chart exactly the same. i knew all i needed were knits and purls and i didn’t understand what was going to happen at first (seeing as how i had only made a few swatches to teach myself knits and purls) but it came pretty quickly. and watching a penguin illusion emerge instead of a plain ol’ garter is quite exciting.
i used plymouth encore in colors 217 (black) and 137 (pink). it used just under a skein of each. next up is the matching ipod case (maybe).

ever since i bought the one skein book a few weeks ago i have been dying to get some sportweight yarn and dpns and try my hand at the leg warmers. i keep telling myself that i am not allowed to do this until i finish at least one, and preferably two, of my current projects. but in celebration of my progress on the penguin illusion scarf and the fact that some other projects are getting close enough to done, and the fact that it is almost 2 am and lots of things can be justified at that hour, i’ve gone and spent my money at knit picks. and i bought three colors for three sets of leg warmers! aagggghh.

i just finished the fourth pattern repeart on kenny’s penguin illusion scarf! one more to go! then add the fringe and he will have his scarf, a little over three months after he asked for it.
i knitted for so much of the day! it was great, sitting around like this with hours of ‘free’ time (true, i could have been doing schoolwork). i am going to knit/crochet all summer long.
the other thing i did with my day? i made blackberry scones!!!

they’re not much to look at, and i cooked them just a few minutes too long, but they’re pretty good for a first try.

hopefully there will be pictures of some finished YARN projects soon.

best yarn bag EVER from anatomy of a skirt. they also have other really super cool stuff for every day!

birthday presents?

also in the near future i will be getting a hook case (and later a needle case) from crippenworks. truly a step up from the old vanna white hook case.

A lazy Saturday afternoon (quite rare, in fact) has at last inspired me to create my knit/crochet blog, in an effort to document my increasing obsession with yarn-related crafts.

Let’s lay out some goals for this blog. Goals that will likely be ignored.
1. Document my progress on projects (in words and pictures!).
2. Get excited about new yarns and patterns.
3. Relive visits to yarn stores or other knit/crochet related events.
4. Plan projects and designs for the future.
5. Talk about other random shit that may or may not have any connection to knit/crochet at all.

And there you have it.